Teacamps are informal gatherings for digital people who work in and around government and also outside of government .  They are usually two hours long including a slot for a speaker and chatting over a cup of tea, hence the name ‘teacamp’.

The original teacamp was started in February 2008 in London by @JeremyGould who also started the first UK GovCamp in January 2008.  The original teacamp is still going strong, regional teacamps sprung up, and in 2011 specialist London teacamps were set up, Agile Tea, Tea Cloud and Iceteacamp.

Teacamp original covers all areas of digital / technology and is on the first Thursday of every month, 4pm – 6pm at Mezzanine Café, Curzon Victoria, 58 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6QW. You don’t have to book, you can just turn up on the day.

Info: @teacampLondon  Facebook TeacampLondon@gmail.com


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